Sorry this is a bit late to post!!  🙂

Kindly find our Friday Funday report from January 22nd, 2021 below!  As you know, we do sport and games every Friday because we believe that this helps our students to be well-rounded, creative, and healthy.  Sport and games make students think of new ways of solving problems and create teamwork and friendship among the kids.  Sometimes, we invite other organizations or individuals to come play with us.


Different games were conducted at Jitegemee Primary School where activities were led by Madam Doreen Olomi and Madam Glory Chacky who had prepared activities for children to play on the ground (outdoor games).

Tutors played with the children games called tikiri ya gauni and doridori, where they had drawn some lines on the ground and the children had to jump different steps depending on those lines.  The students sang while they competed so it was really fun and enjoyable.

The recommendation that came out of this Friday Funday was that tutors should prepare good games before Friday and prepare tools to use in sport early.