Recently, one of our grantors, the Segal Family Foundation, put out a call asking for photos or video footage showing our organization’s work in 2020 that they could use on a series of exciting communication pieces to highlight what we were able to accomplish amidst all the upheaval of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, they were looking for images of food distribution, handwashing stations, mask provision, school-lesson delivery to students at home, and the like – basically anything above and beyond business as usual that we did during COVID times.

To that end, Toa Nafasi’s resident photographer and partnership liaison, Ema Mnubi, compiled a portfolio of the best images he had shot over the course of the year while we were experiencing the effects of the pandemic.  Please check them out below!

A handwashing station is set up at each of our participating public school sites in Moshi


We held several seminars to discuss the virus, answer questions, and clear up misconceptions


Tutors began wearing masks in class to protect themselves, their colleagues, and their students


We distributed beautiful kitenge masks made by fellow Moshi NGO Neema International so that our tutors could feel stylish as they kept safe


All masks, all the time


Empty school grounds as classrooms are shuttered


Uncharacteristic quiet and calm descends on campuses across the country


Tutors stay busy by gathering for workshops, but continue to mask for safety


Social distancing is hard to do, but the staff tries


Masks, masks, and more masks


When classes resume, students are taught to wash hands frequently


The staff gathers outside as opposed to indoors, sitting only two to a dawati or school bench