Please enjoy a new Teacher Feature. This time the spotlight shines on Oliva Temba who joined us in 2019 when we expanded into 5 additional schools. Mwalimu Temba has the perfect bearing and temperament to be stationed at Magereza Primary School which is located on the Moshi prison grounds!


“When I was a little girl, I loved playing very much and also cooking, but when it came to going to school, I feared being hit by sticks and confronted by the teacher.

Before joining Toa Nafasi, I was a nursery teacher at one of the centers in town but also, I was an entrepreneur involving in sewing clothes. I loved my jobs because I was enjoying what I was doing.

I heard about Toa from one of the tutors who was working there already. Then I made an application and luckily enough I was selected to become a tutor.

I thank The Toa Nafasi Project as it has changed my life a lot. I have managed to pay school fees for my child at the English medium school. I am capable of providing some needs to my family and I have learned how to live with different types of people and to help children facing different difficulties in life.

If I was not working with Toa, I would still be sewing clothes but because I love children and that’s one of the reasons which motivated me to work with Toa Nafasi, I am happier now. I have success in my job: I have taught many “slow learners” and they are now doing well in class.

The day I will never forget at Toa Nafasi is the day I was selected to go to Lushoto for the IASE conference. I was very happy and  I learned a lot of things on my trip. I was also very happy the day I was selected as the best employee of the year and given a bonus!

My advice to parents, teachers, and the community at large is they should show love to children with learning difficulties and give them enough time to learn. They should not label them with bad names when they fail, but they should encourage them and support them.”