A new post in our Alumni Annals series is now available.  This report was prepared by Toa tutor Nelly who has worked for many years stationed at Mnazi Primary School and is one of our most dedicated and conscientious staff members.  It is not a surprise that young Altani flourished under her care and tutelage.


“At Mnazi Primary School, there was a student called Altani Oswald who began Standard One in 2017.  Madam Hawa Sandali, a government teacher, taught Altani for the first time and said that when Altani started school, he liked to isolate himself from others and he didn’t know to hold a pencil.  But Madam Hawa cooperated with The Toa Nafasi Project to make sure that Altani attended classes on time and stayed in school.

The grandmother of Altani said that her grandson liked very much to play and that he used to spend much time in playing and not much in studying.  The grandmother had to make sure that she prepared Altani to go to school on time; she also cooperated with Toa Nafasi to help Altani to become a good student.

Through observation and assessment, staff of The Toa Nafasi Project noticed that not only did Altani not know to hold a pencil, he also didn’t know to read, write, and count.  He didn’t like to settle in the classroom but rather he preferred to stay outside and play.  Also, he didn’t know how to hold a book properly and to turn the pages in order.

So, Toa Nafasi tutors like Mwalimu Nelly used different methods to teach Altani.  They motivated him to love school, encouraged him to study, used syllable cards and numbers, drew pictures and sang songs to teach him slowly but surely.  Later on, he changed to become a good student, holding well a pencil, turning well the pages of books, and he came to know reading, writing, and counting.

When we talked to Altani recently, he said that when he started school, he didn’t like studying and he was not enjoying staying in the classroom, but he gives thanks to the Toa Nafasi tutors for the support and motivation they provided to him until he knew reading, writing, and counting and he became a good student who loved studying.  Altani is now in Standard Five and doing well in his studies.”