A new Alumni Annal is now available, this time from Msandaka Primary School and prepared by tutor Marietha.  Enjoy!


“In 2016, at Msandaka Primary School, there was a student called Salome Ilari Mosha.  Madam Restituta Njau, a government teacher, said that when Salome started Standard One, she was very quiet, isolating herself from others and she was not confident.  Madam Restituta worked with the Toa Nafasi tutors by making a follow-up to know if Salome writes in her workbook and attends classes.

Mary Mosha, the mother of Salome, said that when Salome was young, she took much time to start walking; she learned to walk at the age of one year and a half.  Also, as she was growing up, she was always staring at people and things and when she started school she was staring at fellow students.  The Toa Nafasi tutors discovered other problems such as that Salome didn’t like to study.  The mother of Salome showed cooperation to the tutors when they told her of the other problems, and later on, with both the mother’s help and the tutors’ support, Salome became a good student.

Through observation and assessment, the Toa Nafasi tutors, especially Mwalimu Marietha, noticed that Salome didn’t know how to read, write, or count.  Also, she was shy and liked to stay alone.  If she was asked academic questions, she kept quiet but to questions concerning home, she would respond well.  The Toa Nafasi tutors tried to be close to her and to encourage her to study.  They taught her slowly by repeating, using syllable cards and numbers, and later on she changed to become a good student.  She started to love her studies and she became confident, knowing to express herself and to answer all the questions she was asked.

Recently, Salome said that when she started school she feared being beaten by sticks, but she enjoyed being taught by the Toa Nafasi tutors because they treated her politely and they used different games and songs.  She enjoyed staying in the Toa classes and appreciated the tutors because they taught her to read, write, and count well.  Right now she is in Standard Five and doing well in her studies.”