Another new Alumni Annal is now available!  Please read about Yasiri, a student at Kiboriloni Primary School, who was tutored by Toa’s Sarah Minja.  Enjoy!!


“There was a student called Yasiri who began Standard One in 2016 at Kiboriloni Primary School.  The government teacher, Madam Kiangi, said that when Yasiri started school, he liked to stay alone, to play alone, and he didn’t know how to read.  Madam Kiangi worked with Toa Nafasi tutors like Mwalimu Sarah in communicating with the parents of Yasiri to make sure that Yasiri came to school every day and attended classes.

Asha, the mother of Yasiri, said her son didn’t like to play and most of the time he enjoyed to stay alone and he was not performing well in his studies.  When we talked to her, she appreciated the effort done by Sarah and the other Toa Nafasi tutors to help her son to become a good student.  She always showed cooperation to the tutors by responding quickly every time she was called to attend at school and to teach her son at home.

Through observation and assessment, the Toa Nafasi tutors noticed that Yasiri didn’t know how to read, write, and count.  He was isolating himself from others and he liked to stay outside of class.  Sarah and her fellow tutors used different methods to teach him and to motivate him; they used pictures, syllable cards, and numbers to teach him slowly but also, they used different games where he could play and socialize with his fellows.  Later on, Yasiri became a good student who loved to study.  He learned to read, write, and count and to play together with his classmates.

Yasiri said ‘When I started school, I feared to play with my fellow students and I was enjoying staying alone.  I also feared being beaten by sticks.’  He told us he appreciated the Toa Nafasi tutors because they encouraged him to love studying and they taught him slowly so he could understand.  Also, he enjoyed the indoor games played in the Toa Nafasi classroom.  Yasiri is now in Standard Six and performing well in his studies.”