Please see below for a report from a recent Friday Funday (March 5, 2021) at Moshi Primary School.


“At Moshi Primary School, there were different games prepared by the tutors of Toa Nafasi (Sarah Minja and Noela Baraka) but also by staff from Songambele (Tarbia).  The activities involved outdoor games and the children were divided into two teams to compete in the different games.

One team played a game of counting numbers by using cards led by Noela and Tarbia.  They had to compete in groups and the one who found many cards and arranged them early but also in order was the winner of the game.

The other team’s games involved the children running while holding a stick and they competed between the boys and girls.  After one child had completed running, he or she had to pass the stick to another child.  The group that won was the boys’ group.

Also, the children were involved in physical exercise: they jumped, danced, and sang different songs led by Madam Sarah.  They also played a game of pulling rope.  It was fun and enjoyable.

Recommendations from the staff were that these games were inclusive and involved all children which was great and this should be done at all the Toa school sites.”