A report from Friday Funday on March 12th, 2021 at Magereza Primary School follows below.  Enjoy!


There were sport and games at Magereza Primary School on Friday, 12 March.  They involved a team from Songambele (Abdul, Jackline, Edward, and Tarbia) and a team from Toa Nafasi (Oliva, Grace, and Sauda).  Each team had prepared different outdoor games and the students were divided into different groups and each group had their own games.

The first team played various games.  Some students played at hoop jumping which involved each child running in a circle to jump containers which were put on the ground.  After reaching the last container, the children had to dance and then continue running.

They also played a game of throwing a ball to each other and the one who does not catch the ball was the loser of the game.

Next, the children played a game of passing balls to each other whereby each child had to stay in a line and throw two different balls across to each other and backward.  The child who did not catch the ball was the loser of the game.

Some students also played football.  This game involved only boys competing in groups.

The other team played a game with a parachute whereby a ball was put on the parachute and it had to go around on the parachute while the children held the chute and tossed it upward.

Girls in this team played rede competing in groups by using small balls.  The children stood in a circle and one child had to stay in the middle with her eyes covered by a cloth.  She would start searching for her teacher without seeing, and if she catches the teacher then she has won the game.

All the children did physical exercise: they jumped, danced, and sang different songs which was fun and enjoyable.

Both staff from Songambele and Toa Nafasi agreed that there needs to be enough time for all the children to participate in games.  Other schools should also provide enough time for all children to participate in games.”