Please find a short report on a recent Friday Funday below!


“The tutors and students at Shaurimoyo Primary School played different indoor games on Friday, May 7th, 2021.  The tutors had prepared the games and the children were happy to compete in them.  Activities were led by Madams Doreen Mongi, Clara Munuo, and Glory Chacky.

The kids began by arranging cards with written with different numbers, and they competed in arranging these cards with numbers in a proper order, with the one who finishes first becoming the winner of the game.

After that, the children jumped ropes, and competed between two groups, the boys and the girls.  Whoever got more jumps before getting their feet tangled in the rope was the winner, which turned out to be the boys.

Finally, the children were involved in doing different physical activities like jumping, dancing, and stretching their body parts.  They also sang and pointed out different body parts with proper names.  They were really happy and enjoyed playing all the games which promoted numerical skills and memory, physical exercise and quick reflexes, and learning the parts of the body.

The tutors all recommended that indoor games have to be both entertaining and calm so that the team can have fun with the children and enjoy the games and expand their knowledge but also manage the classroom when they cannot play outside.”