I’m a bit late to post this, but here’s a report from Moshi regarding a parents’ meeting at one of our participating public primary school sites. We hold these meetings at the start of the year to let parents know about our program, request their cooperation, and give them the opportunity to ask questions.


On February 1st, 2021, members of the Toa Nafasi staff held an informational meeting for parents at Kaloleni Primary School.  Headmistress Prisca G. Moshi opened the meeting by welcoming all the attendees who were 36 parents of Kaloleni students.  She introduced the Toa Nafasi members to the parents, explained a bit about the project, and welcomed Assistant Director Ema to continue with the facilitation.

Ema continued the meeting by introducing all the Toa Nafasi staff members and explaining a bit about what each one of them does at the project.  He also talked about the partnerships that Toa has with the government (RC Mama Anna, the DEO’s office), etc. and in the private sector such as with BCC and other local NGOs in Moshi.  Finally, he gave a history of how Toa started.

Next, Tutor Leader Hyasinta discussed about how Toa identifies kids who are going to be beneficiaries of the project.  She talked about observation and the timing for it, and mentioned a few examples of what our tutors are looking for, such as a child coming to school late, dirty, unhappy, not socializing with others during break time, etc.  Hyasinta also showed the assessment that Toa gives to children and explained some of the items to the parents.  Then she talked about the parents’ interview and provided sample questions asked to parents during that time.  She explained the medical services provided to support kids with learning difficulties and the importance of parents in providing correct information during the parents’ interview.  Lastly, she explained about the way children with learning difficulties are being tutored during the school day in coordination with the government teachers’ classes.

Toa tutors Haika Motta and Leah Mboya then had a chance to speak.  They showed some of the teaching tools that tutors use in the Toa classroom class and also explained about the sport and games done at school on Fridays.  They enforced the idea that tutors stay with the children who are struggling, teaching them and encouraging them to learn.

Ema then insisted about parents attending the interviews when they were called and the kind of information Toa expects to collect in order to help the kids.  He stressed the need of parents to cooperate during the whole period we work together with their kids, such as with hospital visits, school meetings, and all other activities.

A few parents had questions like where the Toa Nafasi office is located in case they need to talk to a staff member and what kind of illnesses does Toa Nafasi help in providing medications to children.  Ema told them where the office was but also that the tutors would be onsite at school so they could just meet them there and that Toa supports any child who has an illness that interferes with their ability to learn.

Madam Jasho, a Class One government teacher reminded parents to participate in the educational development of their children through showing cooperation when they were called in for meetings like this one.  She also stressed they should make sure they prepare their children to be ready for school by giving them the school supplies required including a proper school uniform and stationeries.  The headmistress then closed the meeting.