On February 4th, 2021, Mr. Moses, the headmaster at Mnazi Primary School, opened the informational parents’ meeting with a prayer.  He welcomed all the participants which included 64 parents of Grade One students and then introduced the Ward Executive Officer, Madam Shanel, who greeted the parents and gave thanks to The Toa Nafasi Project for the work we do to help schoolchildren.

She explained a bit about the project to the parents like how the school has benefited much from the work done by The Toa Nafasi Project and how tutors work in classes to help slow learners.  Then, she welcomed Mr. Moses to continue with the meeting and Mr. Moses welcomed Ema to introduce the Toa Nafasi team.

Ema introduced himself followed by the rest of the Toa Nafasi staff who were in attendance, and said thanks to all the parents who came to the meeting.  He then explained about the partnerships that Toa has with the government and the private sector that help us to accomplish our work.  Also, he talked about the expansion of the project into various schools and gave a little history about how Toa started.

Next, Madam Hyasinta, the tutor leader, talked about Toa’s observation period and the timing for it.  She mentioned a few examples of how our tutors conduct it, for example they observe if is a child coming to school late, dirty, unhappy, or doesn’t socialize with others during break time, etc.  She also showed the assessment given to the children and explained some of the items to the parents.  She talked about the parents’ interview and gave some sample questions being asked to parents.  Hyasinta explained the medical services provided to support kids with learning difficulties and the importance of parents in providing the correct information during the parents’ interview.  Finally, she explained about how the children are being taught in Toa classes and the timing for it.

One of the tutors at Mnazi, Madam Nelly, explained about the teaching materials used by the tutors in class and also, she showed some of them to the parents.  She showed how they attract children in learning.  She told the parents about Friday Fundays and how we play sport and games with the students to encourage play-based learning.

Madam Dorcas, another tutor, spoke about resources that the tutors use to teach the children such as books and games, and how children use them.

Madam Victoria, the third tutor at Mnazi, explained about other different tools and methods that the tutors use in teaching which help students to understand things more easily.

Ema then insisted for collaboration about the parents’ interviews and the kind of information Toa expected to collect.  He talked about the importance of cooperation between the parents and the teachers.

Parents were then given time to ask questions from the Toa Nafasi staff.  One parent wanted to know if the project ran through Grade Seven and we told them, no, unfortunately, right now it is only through Grade Two.  Another parent asked how many schools the project was in and we told them that, as of now, we are in 11 schools.

Finally, the headmaster, Mr. Moses, before closing the meeting, talked about the repairs project conducted in 2020, and said thanks to The Toa Nafasi Project for the work we did.  He advised parents to show cooperation in helping their children to be good students.