At Friday Funday on May 21st, 2021, there were different games at Moshi Primary School.  Madams Noela Kitomari and Sarah Minja from Toa Nafasi and Abdu, Edward, and Bazira from the Songambele team had prepared a variety of outdoor games which were conducted on the school grounds.  The games involved all Standard One students, not just Toa kids, and they were divided into different groups, whereby each group had to play its own game and afterwards they switched to play another game.

One group of students was involved in doing different physical exercises such as stretching their body parts, especially their arms, legs, and waists.  They also sang different songs and danced.  After that, the children began throwing a ball to each other and to concentrate and follow instructions to see where the ball is thrown to whom and to take actions as directed by the teacher.  A child who drops a ball down is the loser of the game.

Another group of children played football.  This group was a competition of mostly boys.

A third group competed in running in sacks which is very difficult but fun.  This group put the boys against the girls and the boys were the ones who won.

More students played a game called “hoop jumping” which involved each child running in a circle to jump over containers which were put on the ground.  After reaching to the last container, a child had to pick a small ball and dance.

Next, children were grouped in packs of ten students in which they had to be in two teams, each with five students.  Each team was provided with small balls of its own color, the first team was given red balls and the other was given blue balls.  The teacher had put one white ball on the center of the ground and one child from each group had to throw a ball until it reached nearby the white ball or on the same level with the white ball.  The children competed until they got a winner from one team, that team which ended up being the blue team.  The children were happy and enjoyed the game greatly.

Lastly, students competed in arranging number cards in a good order and whoever finished arranging early was the winner of the game.  This game was fun and competitive and it helped with numeracy skills.

The Toa Nafasi and Songambele staffs recommend that we continue to provide outdoor games to the students because they help to improve attention span especially to children with hyperactivity and little concentration.  It’s good when tutors prepare many different outdoor games and make sure each child participates fully in playing.