On March 19th, 2021, Elia Mahushi from Femme International conducted a workshop for the Toa tutors titled Pricing.  His report follows below.


“Last Friday, I was honored and privileged to have a chance to share my entrepreneurial knowledge with an amazing, vibrant, and hard-working group of female teachers from The Toa Nafasi Project at Jamhuri Primary School.

My lesson touched deeply on Pricing, which is important as I believe that everyone has done a business-related activity at some point in his or her life.  Pricing involves buying or selling a product or service from a person or a company.

In the workshop, we discussed the costs of production, running costs, and various things to take into account when putting a price on a product or service as well as ways to increase profit.  This gave a light to them on how they can put a price on their products or services, hence steering clear of avoidable losses.

The purchasing power of customers, types of products/services needed in the market, and qualities of products/services were discussed in the workshop as well.  This helped them to be exactly aware of what and where something is needed, knowing how to attract customers, and gain their trust.

A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs have been getting losses because of not being very keen to put affordable prices on their products/services which makes them lose trust from customers hence losing the markets altogether.

Capturing the market depends on how affordable and what quality is the product/service, and this makes pricing an important thing to consider in business.  Profit-making as well needs an effective pricing.

After facilitation, group discussion, and presentation, I found that the Toa Nafasi teachers are engaging as they are happy and ready to learn something new.  Also, they are keen to do other income-generating activities apart from their formal work.  They are very creative and as well teachable.

From the workshop I observed that the teachers are experienced with doing small businesses.  So, they only need a little bit more training about making their businesses work better.  There were some challenges though, like some of them don’t do business any longer, maybe because of fear or loss from previous businesses or they are just not interested.

My recommendation is that business knowledge should be given to them, and they should be encouraged to do small businesses.  But they need to save, so they can have capital to start a small business.  If possible, there should be regular provision of business education to them.

In conclusion, I’m very thankful for this opportunity to share my knowledge and experience the Toa Nafasi teachers.  I also learned many things from them as they did from me.  I’m looking forward to having more time to share my knowledge and experience with them.”