At Mnazi Primary School, there was a student called Recho who started Standard One in 2016.  Madam Hawa, a government teacher said when Recho started school, she was very shy and liked to stay alone; she didn’t like to stay with friends.  Madam Hawa made a follow-up with The Toa Nafasi Project to find out if Recho was attending our classes and going to the Gabriella Rehab Center for therapy.  She really cooperated with the tutors of Toa Nafasi in helping Recho to improve academically.

Recho’s father said “Before my daughter started school, she liked to stay alone and she didn’t like to play with friends.”  On top of that, he said when he talked with the Toa Nafasi tutors, they reported that Recho didn’t know to hold a pencil, and she could not read, write, or count.  He cooperated with the tutors to help Recho by teaching her at home and making follow-ups to know the progress of his daughter.  Baba Recho thanked the tutors for the work they did to help his daughter to become a good student.  He continued to say, “The tutors of The Toa Nafasi Project did great work.  They worked well with me to help my daughter by teaching her with different methods and taking her to Gabriella for therapy.  She started changing and doing well in her studies, and I was so happy to see very good progress of my daughter in both academic and social matters.”

He also said that as time went on Recho began to read, write, and count well.  She started to play with friends and right now she does well in class and on the playground.  Baba Recho advised, “Parents should respond quickly when called at school in order to know the development of their children and to help their children as directed by their teachers.”

It was through Toa Nafasi’s observation and assessment that the tutors noticed that Recho was learning slowly.  By speaking with Madam Hawa, they learned she was not concentrating in class either.  Toa tutor Madam Glory said, “I, along with other fellow Toa tutors, encouraged Recho to study and to love studying.  We supported her and used different teaching methods such as syllable cards, cards with numbers, songs and different pictures to make sure that she mastered everything being taught by Madam Hawa.”  Glory also said Recho was taken to Gabriella for weekly therapy which was helpful both to her and her father.  Thus, Recho started playing with her fellow students and making friends.  She changed to become a good student, to know to hold a pencil, and to read, write, and count.  Right now, Recho is doing well in all different subjects.

When we talked to Recho, she said that when she started school, she felt very happy to see the school compound, but she feared sticks and she was shocked to see so many children at once.  She also said she felt comforted to be taught by the Toa tutors because they taught her slowly and she was able to engage in different games with other students in the Toa class.  She continued to say that “At first I didn’t know to read, write, or count but I appreciated how the tutors of Toa Nafasi sacrificed much time to teach me.  They used different songs and pictures to help me so that later on I started to read books very well.  My father was very happy to see how I was improving!  I remember one day I had to read a magazine for him, and he felt so happy and smiled at me.  I love the Toa Nafasi tutors because they were so kind and loving.  They built confidence in me and helped me to be a good student.”  Recho is now in Standard Five and excelling in her studies.