There were different indoor games conducted at Korongoni Primary School on Friday, July 23rd.

Activities involved the Toa Nafasi team of Glory M. and Catherine and started at 10am.  They involved all the Standard One students at Korongoni and not just Toa kids so as to be inclusive of everyone.

The children began by doing different physical exercises such as jumping and stretching their arms and legs.  Then, they sang different songs and danced in a circle.

After that, the students began playing puzzle games, arranging numbers and pictures in a good order, and competing in groups to see who could finish first and become the winner.

Lastly, the children played a game of throwing a ball to each other without dropping the ball down.  If it did touch the ground, then the child who had not picked the ball was the loser of the game.

Glory and Catherine recommended that the tutors should make sure that all children engage actively in playing and do not hide themselves from their fellow peers.