Different games were conducted at Moshi Primary School on a Friday Funday, July 16th, 2021.  The activities involved the Toa Nafasi team (tutors Sarah and Noela) and the Songambele team (Abdul, Bazira, and Miku).  The games involved all Standard One students, not just Toa kids, and they took place outdoors because weather permitted.

The children were divided into different groups and each group had to play its own game according to the instructions given.

One group of children played football, and they competed between Team A and Team B.  The children were happy and Team B won the game.

Other children were provided with a parachute and a ball was put on top.  They were in teams and each team had to shake the parachute to make the ball roll around.  If the ball dropped down to the ground, the group that allowed it lost the game.

Another group of students played a game called hoop-jumping, which involved each child to run in a circle to jump containers which were put on the ground.  After reaching to the last container, a child had to pick a up small stone.  It was fun and enjoyable to children.

On top of these games, the kids also stood in a circle singing different songs.  They did different physical exercises like dancing, and they were very happy to dance.

The recommendation from both Toa Nafasi staff and Songambele staff was that all head teachers at the schools should know the importance of engaging students in games, especially in the morning.