A workshop for the tutors conducted on Friday, July 16th regarded Toa’s safeguarding policy which the tutors must be well versed in as they are dealing with children.

The workshop started at 1pm and was held at Jamhuri Primary School.  The facilitator of the session was Belina, and she began the session by welcoming all the attendees.

After that she introduced the topic which was The Toa Nafasi Project Child Safeguarding Policy.  Belina asked the tutors to tell her what they knew about policy and gave them a chance to share their ideas.

Then Belina explained the core safeguarding principles of the policy, the main aims of Toa Nafasi’s child protection policy, and what the tutors are responsible for doing according to the policy.  She mentioned the designated tutor for child protection in each school site.

Lastly, she explained the roles and responsibilities of all people working with or in partnership with Toa Nafasi on how to abide to the Child Safeguarding Policy.  Belina went through each responsibility with examples and gave a chance to the tutors to ask questions.  The tutors responded by asking many questions and sharing their ideas regarding the session.

Belina’s objective of the session was to increase the tutors’ awareness of the Toa Nafasi Child Safeguarding Policy and teach them to abide by it because they are working with children and need to know how to respond on issues concerning child protection according to the policy.

Belina’s recommendations were that the training should be continuous and conducted each quarter in order to make sure that tutors are completely aware of the policy and that they are abiding to it.  Also, the time given was not enough to accomplish the whole presentation therefore there must be a continuation session.  She also noted that it is good for the tutors to be provided with hand-out notes with the Toa Nafasi Child Safeguarding Policy written on them, so that they can be reading it and master it.  This will help them when working with children.