There were different outdoor games at Jitegemee Primary School on Friday Funday, 13th August 2021.  Activities involved Toa tutors Doreen Olomi and Rose Chacky as well as all Standard One children and not just the students in the Toa Nafasi program.

The students began by forming a circle so they could sing, dance and do different physical exercises.  They jumped up high and stretched their hands and legs.

Apart from that, the children also jumped ropes.  They were competing by counting who jumped the most and that person was the winner of the game.

Also, the children played football and competed between the boys and the girls.  This time, it was the boys who won the game.

Lastly, the students played a game of throwing a ball to each other and whoever dropped the ball was the loser of the game.

The tutors recommended that the children should play in friendly competitions because it encourages participation from all the kids as well as collaboration amongst teammates.  When the kids compete in groups, they learn to value winning and try as hard as they can to perform well.