Different outdoor games were played at Shaurimoyo Primary School on Friday Funday, 20th August 2021.  They involved all Standard One students (not just Toa students) and Toa tutors Doreen Mongi, Clara Munuo, and Glory Chacky.  The games started promptly at mid-morning break, 10am.

Activities included a game of rede in which the students competing were only the girls. 

After that, they competed in running races.

Also, they played football, especially among the boys who become very competitive. 

Some children played a game called Simoni Kasema (Simon Says) and in that game children had to identify their body parts and say Simoni Kasema to trick their friends.  It was very fun and this game teaches children to know about their body parts.

Lastly, some children formed a group and started singing and dancing, while doing different physical exercises like stretching their arms and legs and jumping up and down.

The tutors’ recommendation was that healthy competition motivates children to participate more in playing and to want to succeed.