There were different outdoor games at Kaloleni Primary School on Friday Funday, 30th July 2021.  The activities involved the Toa Nafasi team of Haika, Leah, and Upendosia as well as the Songambele team of Abdul, Mika, and Bazziri.  Both teams played with all Standard One students and not just those in the Toa Nafasi program.

The children began by forming a circle, holding hands, and singing and dancing.  Then they did different physical exercises like stretching their arms and legs.

After that, the children split up into different groups, and each group had to play a game according to the instructions given.

One group was given a parachute and one ball.  The ball would circulate on the parachute as the children shook it and if the ball fell to the ground, that meant they had lost the game.

Another group of children played football, which is a favorite game amongst Tanzanian children.

Others had to throw a ball to each other while in a circle and if the ball dropped down to the ground, that meant the one who did not catch the ball was the loser of the game.

Some students were provided with small balls and further divided into groups.  Each group had balls of its own color and the kids had to stand in a line and try to shoot their colored balls toward a white ball which was placed in front of them.  The blue group won this game while the red group lost.

A final group of children were provided with paper plates, and these kids also had to stand in a line and pass the plates backward to each other as quickly as possible.  The kids found this game so fun and enjoyable.  They were even blindfolded to make the game more fun.

The recommendation from both the Toa team and the Songambele team was that the tutors should make sure that each child participates in playing.  They should also encourage healthy competition amongst the students as it encourages each child to perform their best.