The workshop on Friday, July 30th started at 1pm.  Belina was the facilitator.  She began the session by welcoming all the attendees and introduced the topic which was Behavior and Attitude Change for Boys.  The session was participatory with very much vibrant discussion among the participants.

The facilitator began the session by mentioning the main theme to make sure that the tutors understood they would learn how to help young boy children (from 6 years old) specifically.  They will learn what is good for boys as young males, what is good for the people around them, what behaviors to maintain and what behaviors to change, how boys want to live and who they want to be when they grow up. 

Belina explained that this topic will help the young boys Toa works with to make good decisions for their future as they grow up.  She explained that the tutors need to tell the children to choose from pictures they will bring into classrooms of adult men they would like to become in the future.  The children will select one picture and reflect the reason of their choice.  Tutors will also discuss with children on the probability of the child to reach that goal.  They will also reflect on what has to be done to reach their goals, who can support them to reach their goals, and lastly, what they are already doing to reach that goal.

To end, the facilitator explained to the tutors how to discuss and reflect with the children after they have selected a picture of who they want to be in the future.  She discussed with the tutors on what is needed for children to reach their goals, for example being a teacher, a farmer, a doctor, or even president.

Belina’s objective of the session was to impart to the tutors the knowledge on how to help young boys to reach their goals and overcome challenges in the process of accomplishing their dreams.

She posed some questions for discussion like, “Can you create a picture in your mind of what you want to become in the future?” and “Can you reflect on what you’re already doing to reach your goals?”

Belina’s final recommendation was that the tutors will need to be engaged on this topic from time to time to sharpen their skills on behavior and attitude change for boys.