The International Foundation

June 23, 2018

Just about halfway through 2018, and The Toa Nafasi Project is having a stellar year thus far.  Not wanting to jinx it, I won’t crow too loudly, but I will … Continue reading


June 15, 2018

Don’t let her stern demeanor and that terrifying ruler fool you.  Mwalimu Rose Assey is actually quite the pussycat and one of Toa’s best tutors. Here she is working with … Continue reading

Speeches in Seattle

June 14, 2018

So, it appears my last blog entry was a bit premature as regards the weather here in Kilimanjaro.  The rains are back, and with them, the cold and mud.  Not … Continue reading

Competent and Confident

June 11, 2018

Hi all, and much love from a finally sunny Moshi town.  The rains appear to be behind us and, though we have entered the kipindi cha baridi (cold season), the … Continue reading

Parental Guidance

June 5, 2018

It occurred to me, not long after writing last week’s post, that I rather breezily glossed over the parents’ meetings and that perhaps for newcomers to the blog, this website, … Continue reading

Same as It Ever Was

May 31, 2018

Back in Moshi and back at work after my “Once in a Lifetime” experience in Carpi, Modena, and Milan, Italy.  Siiiigh….  Italiaaaa….  I DREAM of you…. At any rate, lest … Continue reading

Veni Vidi Vici

May 22, 2018

Hi everyone, and many greetings from Moshi, where the rains continue to fall, but to which I have returned a new woman.  Like a victorious Caesar, I made my way … Continue reading

Talkin’ SPED with TED

May 5, 2018

Greetings, dear readers, and hope you are all well this first week of May.  The rains continue to pour down in Africa, but I have high hopes we are soon … Continue reading

What a Difference a Year Makes

April 29, 2018

Following the “Ujinga Bye-Bye!” entry a couple weeks back, I am happy to now be able to post the results of the 2017 cohorts after a full year’s intervention with … Continue reading

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