Peridot Is a Girl’s Best Friend

January 19, 2018

Sometimes in life, you meet the coolest people and make the craziest connections and it’s as though they were just meant to be a part of your story from that … Continue reading

Run Amok

January 11, 2018

As a coda to my last post regarding President Magufuli’s stance on pregnant schoolgirls, please have a look at this article from the Capital News in Kenya, dated January 5th, … Continue reading

“The Bulldozer” Goes Off-Road

January 8, 2018

Be prepared to get mad.  Like, really, really, really, REALLY mad. The article reprinted below is from The Guardian, written by Karen McVeigh, and originally published on December 13th, 2017.  … Continue reading

“Meow” and Forever: A “Tail” of a Girl and Her Cat

January 5, 2018

Guys.  Guys.  Guys.  Guys.  PLEASE take the time to check out the feel-good story that I’ve posted below written by Ashley Maisano for the blog on And, PLEASE, have … Continue reading

Christmas Bonus

January 3, 2018

Happy new year, one and all.  I hope everyone’s holiday (whichever you celebrate) was merry and full of friends, family, and fun. Things thisaways are okay enough except that we … Continue reading

Happier Days

December 13, 2017

Sorry for not posting any original content in recent days.  I have been overwhelmed by the amount of administrative work I’ve had to do while in the States as well … Continue reading

The Race Space

December 5, 2017

Please have a look below at this fascinating article from the Hechinger Report, a news outlet that “covers inequality and innovation in education with in-depth journalism that uses research, data, … Continue reading

Come Together

December 3, 2017

As anyone working in development can attest to, the most important thing of all (besides donors, besides resources, besides impact metrics and theories of change) is a solid public-private partnership … Continue reading

Diaspora Ubora

November 19, 2017

Diaspora (noun, English): a scattered population whose origin lies within a smaller geographic locale; the movement of a population from its original homeland. Ubora (noun, Swahili): excellence, quality, superiority, supremacy. … Continue reading

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