Teacher Feature: Spotlight on Rehema Mpangala

December 13, 2020

The latest Teacher Feature puts the spotlight on Rehema Mpangala who joined Toa in 2019 for the expansion into five new schools, but who quickly rose to prominence as the … Continue reading

Talk Radio

December 9, 2020

Talk radio is defined as “a type of radio broadcast in which the presenter talks about topical issues and encourages listeners to call in to air their opinions.” In August … Continue reading

International Day of People with Disabilities

December 3, 2020

Today is the International Day of People with Disabilities, a United Nations designated day as well as a cause in its own right. “On December 3 this year, during the … Continue reading

It’s GivingTuesday! 🎁

December 1, 2020

Dear Friends of The Toa Nafasi Project,   We know you’re tired of “the ask” and this is our last one – promise!  It’s one final appeal before we wish … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from Toa Nafasi! 🍂

November 26, 2020

Dear Friends of The Toa Nafasi Project,   Happy Thanksgiving! This year, as in all others, we take this time to stop and appreciate all that we have; we express our … Continue reading

Teacher Feature: Spotlight on Rose Chacky

November 25, 2020

Rose Chacky joined Toa in 2016 and is the quieter and smaller of our two blooming Roses. She is now stationed at Jitegemee Primary School in Pasua Ward and is … Continue reading

Alumni Annals: Spotlight on Shamimu

November 25, 2020

This Alumni Annal or Success Story is the account of one of the first children I ever encountered to be a Toa student.  Thinking of her now almost 10 years … Continue reading

Teacher Feature: Spotlight on Nelly Lyatuu

November 17, 2020

Check out this Teacher Feature of Nelly Lyatuu, a Toa tutor since 2016 who has been at Mnazi Primary School pretty much the whole time.  Nell is responsible for turning … Continue reading

Toa Nafasi Q3 2020 – From the Founder…. ❤

November 15, 2020

Not all blog readers are subscribers to our quarterly newsletter and vice versa, so I am taking the opportunity to post our most recent report from the third quarter of … Continue reading

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