Providing Chances, Promoting Children

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In Swahili, toa nafasi means “provide a chance,” expressing our mission to give every learner in the primary school classroom an opportunity to succeed, regardless of his or her learning style.


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A New Holiday: Vumi’s Day

August 9, 2020

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so with little further appellation from me, I present these photos from the day that is now known to us … Continue reading

Friday Workshop: Protection and the Rights of the Child

August 4, 2020

Hello, dear readers and welcome to a new series we are introducing in addition to our Teacher Features and Alumni Annals called Friday Workshops. Since first welcoming our American volunteer … Continue reading

My Sister, My Friend

July 24, 2020

On July 24, 2015, we lost our beloved dada and Toa Nafasi co-founder, Vumilia Temba, at the tender age of only 31 years. I first met Vumi in 2007 when … Continue reading